Nevada Partnership for homeless youth


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NPHY is the most comprehensive service provider for the thousands of homeless youth in Southern Nevada, serving hundreds of youth through our core programs and touching the lives of thousands more through outreach each year.

NPHY’s programs stabilize homeless teens’ lives, meeting their immediate needs and providing a safe, supportive environment and a path to self-sufficiency.

Through our work with homeless youth, NPHY creates productive, healthy adults who contribute to society.


Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association of Nevada, Inc.,

Chapter 41-1.
The Battle Born Chapter



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We are Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Military Wives, Guardsmen, young, old, still serving, retired. We all share a love of country and a profound sense of duty and commitment to our fellow Veterans. 

The CVMA is an international organization, with a presence in every state, Korea and Germany. Although our members may wear a leather vest with a big patch on the back, we are NOT a motorcycle club. Initiation consists of a handshake and a hug. Our members have paid their “dues” on the battlefields of the Pacific, Korea, Vietnam, Kuwait, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan - wherever our nation has sent us to be in harm's way. 
We have all written checks to America for everything we have. 

We all carry the scars of our service - some visible, some not.

We are American Veterans and we ride motorcycles.